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Gummies by You!

Supplying professional gummy products to makers

We sell difficult-to-find ingredients to Gummy Makers

high bloom gelatin for gummies

High Bloom gelatin powder

250 Bloom Gelatin | Super Gelling Capacity

Are you making gummies at home

We sell the high-bloom gelatin necessary to make professional-style gummies successfully at home. 

Super easy to hydrate and blend into your custom creations!

sour sanding for gummies

sour sand
 super sour

Food Grade Sour Gummy Coating

Do you love the sour coating on gummies?

Sand your homemade gummies with GummyMakers Sour Sand. 

Is our sour sand too sour? just mix with regular white sugar until you reach your desired level of sour flavour!

gummy recipes

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Jelly Gummies Video

Jelly Gummies Video

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Sour Sand Video

Sour Sand Video

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Large Batch Gummy Video

Large Batch Gummy Video

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