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Weight Managment

amazing taste

Flavoured with natural strawberries and cream. 


Take 2 or 5 gummies twice a day. 


Portable and easy. 


Use as a part of your weight managment strategy.

Unlocking the Secretsof African Wild Mango:A Natural Approach to Weight Managment

African wild mango, also known as Irvingia gabonensis or African mango, is a tropical fruit native to West Africa. The seeds of the African wild mango are often used in weight management supplements. The purported mechanism of action for African wild mango is primarily attributed to its impact on appetite regulation, metabolism, and fat metabolism. 

Why choose Jo's Gems Weight Management Gummies?


Embarking on the journey towards weight management demands both commitment and informed choices. Opting for a gummy supplement enriched with African wild mango extract provides a delightful and practical means to support your transformative endeavour. The appeal of these gummies lies in their convenience, palatable taste, and the potential benefits associated with African wild mango extract. Jo's Gems embodies a holistic approach to wellness by addressing aspects such as appetite regulation, fat metabolism, and blood sugar levels. Adding these gummies to your routine signifies a mindful stride towards a comprehensive plan for sustainable weight management, seamlessly integrating into daily life with natural ingredients and a user-friendly format.


Discover the transformative benefits of African wild mango supplements for holistic well-being. Packed with potential advantages, these supplements are revered for their purported ability to support weight management. African wild mango extract can influence appetite regulation, fat metabolism, and blood sugar levels, offering a comprehensive approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Our premium-quality gummies, rich in natural ingredients, provide a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate this powerful extract into your daily routine. Unlock the potential of African wild mango supplements and embrace a path to wellness that harmonizes efficacy and convenience. Elevate your weight management journey with these sought-after supplements designed to support your health goals.

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weight management gummies
Weight Management Gummies by Gummy Nutrition Lab
  1. Supports weight management as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a calorie-reduced diet and regular physical activity.

  2. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, contributing to cardiovascular health.

  3. Assists in maintaining healthy glucose levels.

  4. Acts as a source of antioxidants.

  5. Provides antioxidants that help reduce cell damage caused by free radicals.

  6. Easy and Convenient gummies.

  7. Taste amazingly delicious.

  1. African Wild Mango - Irvingia gabonensis

  2. Cautions & Warnings: Consult a health care practitioner/health care provider/health care professional/doctor/physician prior to use if you are breastfeeding or have diabetes.

  3. Consult a health care practitioner/health care provider/health care professional/doctor/physician prior to use if you are pregnant.

  4. Contraindications: Do not use this product if you are pregnant.

  5. Known adverse reactions: Stop use if you experience symptoms of hypoglycaemia including feelings of anxiety, dizziness, tremor, sweating, nausea or headache.

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