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Enhance the flavor adventure of your homemade gummies with our irresistible Gummy Sour Coating! Elevate your confectionery creations to new heights with this premium sour coating specially crafted for DIY gummy enthusiasts. Unleash a burst of tangy goodness that transforms ordinary gummies into extraordinary treats.


Key Features:

Artisanal Sour Bliss: Crafted for discerning taste buds, our sour coating adds the perfect zing to your homemade gummies, elevating them to gourmet status.

Easy Application: Effortlessly coat your gummies with our user-friendly sour mix, ensuring a consistent and mouthwatering tang in every bite.

Versatile Flavor Boost: Take your gummy game to the next level by experimenting with different flavors and textures. Our sour coating is the perfect companion for a variety of taste sensations.

Premium Quality Ingredients: Made with the finest ingredients, our sour coating guarantees a deliciously tangy experience that rivals your favorite store-bought treats.

DIY Delight: Whether you're a seasoned gummy connoisseur or a first-time maker, our Gummy Sour Coating is designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen. Turn your home into a candy haven!

Transform your homemade gummies into a mouth-puckering delight with our Gummy Sour Coating. Elevate your confectionery skills and create memorable, flavor-packed treats that will leave your taste buds tingling. Order now and add a touch of sour perfection to your gummy-making journey!

Sour Sand | Gummy Maker | Sour Gummy Coating

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  • Transform your gummies into a taste sensation with our premium Sour Sanding, the ultimate flavour enhancer for confectionery perfection. Elevate your candy creations with our specially curated sour coating that adds an irresistible tangy twist to every bite. Our Sour Sanding is meticulously crafted to provide the ideal balance of sourness, ensuring a mouthwatering experience that will leave taste buds tingling. Whether you're a professional confectioner or a home-based candy enthusiast, our Sour Sanding is the secret weapon to elevate your gummy game. Sprinkle, toss, or roll your gummies in this delightful coating for a burst of flavour that captivates. Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, our Sour Sanding is the key to creating gummies that stand out from the rest. Don't settle for the ordinary – choose the extraordinary. Order now and take your gummy creations to the next level with the zesty delight of our premium Sour Sanding! 

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    How to Initiate a Return: Contact our customer service at with your order number and reason for return.

    Return Shipping: Customers cover return shipping unless it's our mistake or a defective product.

    Refund Process: Approved returns refunded to the original payment method within 7 business days.

    Damaged or Defective Items: Contact us immediately for a replacement or refund, with possible photo evidence.

    Missing Items: Report missing items within 7 days of receiving the package for prompt resolution.

    Non-Returnable Items: Opened or used products are non-returnable for health and safety reasons.

    Changes to This Policy: Gummy Nutrition Lab reserves the right to modify this policy. Check our website for updates.

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