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Creatine is so hot right now and it seems like everyone is looking for the next easy way to get your daily dosage in. These gummies have a lot of promise - Dragonslayer Punch flavor with 2g of creatine in each two-gummy serving? Sign me up!

Rich Mixon

I love these gummies, they are so tasty! They only have 30 calories for 10 gummies which is fantastic. It curbs my nighttime sweet tooth. The flavour is great too. Good value!

Marc B.

snacking on these. The whole bag is 60 calories, and has 10 gummies. The instructions say to eat 5 before a meal, twice a day. That may work better, but I'm liking it my way, I feel no hunger the entire day. Maybe that's because the fiber these contain?
It's a miracle product and I highly recommend it.


Nice alternative to other forms of creatine
I like that these little packages of Creatine are gummies, this makes them different than other forms of creatine we have used in the past (powder or pills).


allergen free, gluten free
creatine gummies weight managment gummies
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